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Who wants to read a comic about a girl with a robot husband in 1914 Dieselpunk-Steampunk Paris?


She’s really great all-around and has super-cool stories and art :)!!

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eyes and part of hair are transparent! O:
im bored and fhdjsk

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you and your gang:image

me and my gang:image

Supermassive Black Hole
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supermassive black hole // muse

oh, baby, don’t you know i suffer?
oh, baby, can you hear me moan?
you caught me under false pretenses
how long before you let me go?


Black Forest, Germany

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elementary school: reads at a middle school level
middle school: reads at a high school level
high school: reads at a college level
college: re-reads Harry Potter
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Taller, Fatter, Older: How Humans Have Changed in 100 Years
Humans are getting taller; they’re also fatter than ever and live longer than at any time in history. And all of these changes have occurred in the past 100 years, scientists say. So is evolution via natural selection at play here? Not in the sense of actual genetic changes, as one century is not enough time for such changes to occur, according to researchers. Most of the transformations that occur within such a short time period “are simply the developmental responses of organisms to changed conditions,” such as differences in nutrition, food distribution, health care and hygiene practices, said Stephen Stearns, a professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at Yale University. [10 Things That Make Humans Special] But the origin of these changes may be much deeper and more complex than that, said Stearns, pointing to a study finding that British soldiers have shot up in height in the past century. “Evolution has shaped the developmental program that can respond flexibly to changes in the environment,” Stearns said. “So when you look at that change the British army recruits went through over about a 100-year period, that was shaped by the evolutionary past.” And though it may seem that natural selection does not affect humans the way it did thousands of years ago, such evolutionary mechanisms still play a role in shaping humans as a species, Stearns said. “A big take-home point of all current studies of human evolution is that culture, particularly in the form of medicine, but also in the form of urbanization and technological support, clean air and clean water, is changing selection pressures on humans,” Stearns told Live Science. “When you look at what happens when the Taliban denies the polio vaccination in Pakistan, that is actually exerting a selection pressure that is different in Pakistan than we have in New York City,” he said. Here’s a look at some of the major changes to humans that have occurred in the past century or so. (via Taller, Fatter, Older: How Humans Have Changed in 100 Years)

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